Monetising Mobile Marketing

The number of regulatory changes, modifications to marketing guidelines and new players appearing in the market can make it hard for any business owner to figure out what to place their main focus on. According to comScore data released in June 2017 the total digital population is 254 million people. From this number mobile usage has suppressed desktop usage as a digital platform to access information.

With consumers accessing information from many different devices it has never been more important to tick all these boxes at the same time:

1. reach the right leads
2. in the right place
3. at the right time
4. on the right device
5. with the right message

A recent study from Google suggests 65% of British citizens access the internet from their smartphone.

Device Graphs

A device graph gives a comprehensive view of customer’s digital media and advertising behaviours. When working on Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns for example it is important to remember user behaviours when deciding which devices to target. An employee might be more active on a desktop during traditional working hours but then transfer their actions to tablets and smartphones in the evening. When it comes down to appealing to investors, mobile becomes unquestionably important no matter if the client is using an iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone. Innovation in technology and connectivity are making digital experiences a more seamless part of investor’s everyday activities. Investors are more and more frequently willing to engage in high-value trading transactions and banking on smaller screens. According to Business Insider UK, Lloyds Group, Barclays, and the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) added 8 million, 5.7 million, and 4.2 million more mobile banking customers in 2016.

It is becoming harder and harder to stand out in crowded media platforms especially if a firm is trying to connect to investors globally. Therefore, ensuring the client is reached on their preferred device at the best possible time is essential in any communication strategy.