AI Marketing – Turn Data into Opportunity

This has been the year that technology advancements have changed the way digital users interact with brands. Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology can take some credit for this. AI can, in its simplest form, be described as work exhibited by machines, rather than humans. It is one of the most reported trends in today’s accelerating technology marathon.

Companies keep looking for the ‘next big thing’ and AI seems to be it. As it becomes more integrated into companies worldwide, it will be the driving force behind gathering consumer intelligence in the coming years and marketers should quickly adapt their approach in order not to be defeated by adaptive analytics and machine learning.

AI is gradually being integrated into various divisions in larger organisations from client services, sales, and marketing departments in order to improve the overall client experience offered to customers. Smaller companies might find it hard to adapt at the same pace but those who do not will likely find themselves losing out.

AI can make marketers conduct more intelligent conversations with their clients by connecting cross-channel conversations in real-time, matching their needs and finding solutions for their problems. AI technology has become highly sought after in order to reach clients and interact with them in their language. Innovative technology can predict clients’ preferences as well as find relevant solutions for their problems, sometimes even before the clients know what their own problems are!

While Artificial Intelligence is the buzz phrase for 2017 some seem to be forgetting what’s really important: maintaining superior client relationships. Most relationships have traditionally been conducted via email and telephone; however, in 2017 clients are expecting to be able to choose their communication methods to meet their daily digital behaviour. To stay ahead of the game companies must engage with each customer on a one-to-one basis. Having SMS, email, WhatsApp and web-messaging channels such as Skype, FaceTime, Google chat, WeChat and Viber linked together in one CRM, is an advantage to those willing to adapt. A marketing department should be able to combine data from all these touch points and streamline them into a powerful CRM system for a comprehensive client overview.


Finally, there is one fundamental element that will never change regardless of technological developments: the end customers. AI will definitely support the end customer as it will enable marketers to further spend time helping them in the most relevant and personal way.